Shiheng Power Plant Bucket Elevator and Automatic Unpacking Machine

product descriptionOur companys unpacking machine is used for unpacking and unloading bagged powder and granular materials. In the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, building materials, metallurgy, electric power, food, medicine, grain, environmental
product description

Our company's unpacking machine is used for unpacking and unloading bagged powder and granular materials. In the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, building materials, metallurgy, electric power, food, medicine, grain, environmental protection and other fields, automatic unpacking and unloading of dry powder materials, such as nitrate lime, magnesium oxide, quartz sand, limestone, wood chips, protein powder, Activated carbon, milk powder, PVC powder, fly ash, urea, clay, gypsum, cement, sewage treatment powder, etc. can be automatically unpacked and unloaded. It automatically feeds the bag through the belt conveyor, and the cutter device automatically breaks the bag. , Vibrating screen, automatic bag separation, unloading and other steps, materials fall into the hopper by gravity to complete the bag unloading and unloading work. The dust generated during the operation is filtered by the carried dust removal device, so that the workers can work in a clean environment.

The unpacking machine is mainly composed of two parts: the inclined belt conveyor for feeding and the host. Among them, the feeding belt conveyor can be customized according to the requirements of the operating site, and the bagged logistics can be transported independently, and finally the bagged materials can enter the feed port of the host. The host is composed of a main box, a bag breaking device, a screening device, a material output device, a waste bag output device, and a dust removal device. The following focuses on the components of the host, as shown in Figure 1.

Bag breaking device: The main working part of the bag breaking device is the cutter. The bagged powder material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the 45-degree slide plate and then slides down the slide plate by gravity. During the downward movement, the five rapidly rotating cutting knives cut the packaging bag in multiple ways, allowing the material to be quickly removed from the waste bag. Separation, the cut waste bags and materials slide into the trommel for screening. The entrance of the bag breaking device, that is, the entrance of the material, is equipped with a PVC curtain to prevent the material from splashing out of the box.

Screening device: The wall of the drum screen in the screening device is covered with screen holes, and 6 movable inclined plates are fixed on the surface of the screen plate, which acts as an internal spiral. Waste bags and materials enter the trommel, and the trommel rotates at a low speed to accelerate the material to fall into the cone through the screen holes. The waste bags are spirally conveyed from the trommel to the outlet of the roller and fall into the waste bag conveyor.

Material output device: the material in the cone enters the screw conveyor in the material output device, and the conveyor rotates the screw shaft to transport the material out of the machine and enter the next process.

Waste bag output device: the waste bags coming out of the drum are conveyed to the long cylindrical bag outside the fully automatic unpacking machine under the action of the shaftless screw in the waste bag output device for collection and processing. Manual replacement is performed manually.

There are observation holes on both sides of the box of the automatic unpacking machine to facilitate the observation of the internal operation of the machine. There are inspection doors on both sides of the observation hole and above the waste bag conveyor to facilitate machine installation and troubleshooting.

The machine is easy to operate, sensitive and reliable when shutting down.

Technical characteristics

1. During the bag breaking process and the material separation process, the materials are fully enclosed, and each process has a dust collection device, no dust leaks, low noise, and improves the working environment of workers.

2. Only one or two people are required to place the packaging bags on the belt conveyor on site, which reduces the work intensity of the workers.

3. The operation of the equipment is simple and reliable, and the failure rate is low, which reduces the maintenance workload.

4. The equipment is specially designed to perfectly separate the broken packaging bag from the material, will not be mixed into the material, and will not hang in the separation device.

5. The equipment automatically counts, and the bagging amount can be set arbitrarily, and the equipment will automatically stop when the bagging amount is reached.

6. When the equipment fails, it will automatically alarm, emergency stop, protect the equipment and avoid personnel misoperation.

7. After bag breaking, unloading and separation, it can be used with other conveying equipment to complete the functions of powder conveying and storage.

8. It can handle different sizes of packaging bags without adjusting the equipment.

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